SONNENENERGIE is Germanys longest established magazine for renewable energies.
It is the official publication of the Germany Section of the International Solar Energy Society (ISES), DGS for short. Since over 40 years, the DGS is the largest scientific and technical organisation of professionals of the German renewable energy sector.

Circulation and Readership
SONNENENERGIE is published bi-monthly and has a circulation of 6,500 - 7,500 copies.

Professionals, executives and senior managers from all pertinent energy efficiency and renewable energy-related fields, HVAC specialized wholesale and craft, independent energy consultants, students, trainees and course participants of the 11 DGS-Solar Schools all over Germany, as well as university lecturers und professors have subscribed to SONNENENERGIE. Moreover, representatives of public authorities and political decision makers are steady readers of this periodical.

Single copies of SONNENENERGIE can be purchased in approx. 300 newspaper stands all over Germany, and there also is a digital version to subscribe to.

Being a media partner to almost all of the major conferences and exhibitions of the renewable energy industry, SONNENENERGIE has bonus circulations on many sites. Please see a list of the most relevant bonus-circulations in the calendar on page 2 of the media kit.

Your advertising in SONNENENERGIE reaches the key decision-makers who matter to your business. In terms of target audience, this means installers, skilled crafts and traders, engineers, architects, and as well investors. They all read this magazine regularly and in depth.

Vacancy Adverts
A large number of students, trainees and course participants of the 11 DGS-Solar Schools all over Germany, as well as university lecturers und professors are subscribers to SONNENENERGIE.
Thus, your vacancy advert in SONNENENERGIE reaches Germany‘s young professionals of the future, and as well skilled researchers and engineers in leading positions.

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Themen + Verbreitung
1 / 2017
Montag, 20.02.'17
Montag, 27.02.'17
Mittwoch, 15.03.'17
2 / 2017
Montag, 08.05.'17
Montag, 15.05.'17
Dienstag, 30.05.'17
3 / 2017
Montag, 07.08.'17
Montag, 14.08.'17
Freitag, 01.09.'17
4 / 2017
Montag, 06.11.'17
Montag, 13.11.'17
Freitag, 01.12.'17

Specifiche Techniche

formato finito pubblicazione

210 mm (larghezza) x 297 mm (altezza)

Per la pagina intera al vivo è necessaria un’abbondanza di 3 mm su tutti i lati per rifilo finale!

colori & stampa
Stampa: Offset su Cyclus Coat 250 g/m2 (copertina) e 80 g/m2 (parte interna). Colori: Euroscale in quadricromia (CMYK, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black). Per informazioni relative a colori speciali per favore rivolgersi a bigbenreklamebureau.

realizzazione materiale
file TIFF-, PDF- o EPS (risoluzione min. 300 dpi/CMYK)
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creazione inserzioni pubblicitarie
80,- € / ora lavorativa

Tiratura 6.500 copie
Tiratura 7.500 copie - Edizione Intersolar

sconti pacchetto
Membri del DGS e.V. ottengono un'ulteriore sconto del 10%, previo contatto con il bigbenreklamebureau.

condizioni generali di contratto
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